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Fire Damage Can Be Devastating

We all know how frightening the idea of being burned in a fire is for many people. Smoke inhalation is actually the #1 cause of fire related deaths. People seem to overlook that fact. Smoke inhalation is a silent killer, and often times victims don’t realize what is happening to them until it is too late. Avoiding smoke from a fire is f the utmost importance. If you find yourself in that situation the most important thing is to get out of structure. Once you are safe, then you can call 911 for help. People often overlook the importance of having a escape plan if there is a fire. This is even more important if you have small children in your home. Remember “plans don’t fail, people fail to plan”. Even after the fire has been extinguished there are still harmful chemicals that can be in your home. Let AZ Dry Guys do an assessment of your property to make sure that it is safe.

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Fire can obviously devastate your home or office. Unfortunately, your furniture and personal property can quickly be destroyed. If your home was not destroyed, then you may be able to salvage a lot of your personal possessions with minimal damage. Family documents and photographs tend to be the first things that families try locate. Finding family documents in good condition can be a huge relief after a fire. It is a good idea to back up all of your documents and photo books to computers and digital hard drives to save your precious memories in case of a fire.

Phoenix Fire Damage Restoration
Phoenix Fire Damage Restoration
Phoenix Fire Damage Restoration

The Risk of Smoke Damage

There are varying degrees of damage caused by smoke. This obviously depends on the severity of the fire itself. Where the most common items damaged by smoke is furniture and walls in your home. Depending on what type of material the furniture is made out of, it may be able to be restored to its original condition. If the furniture is made out of flammable materials they are obviously more likely to be completely destroyed. Bamboo and wooden furniture in general rarely survive fires. However, if your furniture did survive the fire there are furniture restoration companies that can help get your furniture back to its previous condition.

Yellow and black marks throughout your home or office can be a result smoke damage, but can also indicate more serious structural damage Fire damage is difficult to clean off of walls so it is recommended that the walls either be replaced or repaired in specific parts. Unfortunately this can be a very expensive process depending on the wall’s construction and material. This is why making sure that your homeowners insurance is up to date to cover these types of damage is so important. Having to pay for fire damage out of pocket can be devastating to a family’s finances. If your home suffers fire or smoke damage you can contact AZ Dry Guys for a free estimate. Our team is available in Phoenix 24 hours a day. If you have an emergency give us a call day or night.

Phoenix Fire Damage Restoration

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